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Made famous by Philip J. Fry in the Futurama movie, Bender's Game.
Hey Bender, smell this milk!
by Vivalatomm November 17, 2008
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A command given by a friend/roommate/family member that carries more weight than a triple dog dare. When told to "smell this milk," the person commanded is entered into a forced obligation where they must take a whiff of the milk presented by the one holding it. There is no backing out or saying no. This is usually done at a point where the milk's smell will most likely induce vomiting in the smeller.

This can be done as a rude joke or as a valuable test to see if the milk is still good to drink.
Rude Joke form:
P1: "Dude, I just checked my mini-fridge after getting back from vacation and you have GOT to Smell This Milk."

P2:"God damnit, alright. Bring it over here."

Test form:
P1: "I just bought this dank cereal. Come over here and Smell This Milk. Do you think it's still good to drink?"

P2: "Seems fine to me."
by comaduck August 09, 2009

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