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The act of wafting the smell of one's own fart to one's own nose (usually with a cupped hand) in order to savor the aroma.
Ahhh, I just did a smelfie... nothing like the smell of digested hotdogs in the morning... it smells like victory.
by seelingfan March 08, 2014
A selfie you take while pooping.
Friend 1: "Look at this picture Brad sent me."

Friend 2: "Towel bar to the right, toilet paper to the left, there's no doubt this was a smelfie."
by AllByMySELF November 10, 2014
The act of taking a selfie while someone (or yourself) is farting.
Him: Here, let me take a selfie
Her: I think I just farted while you were taking the selfie
Him: Wow, we just took a smelfie
by Ihadmyleftsidecutoffandnowiama April 13, 2015
A selfie of ones self on the toilet used to show disgust in something.
David: she's hot!
Taylor: nah man it looks like she took a smelfie
by Stevenisabanana October 17, 2013
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