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to obtain something in a sneaky or underhanded manner.
Even though I wasn't invited, I smeagled my way into the party.
by Thom Thompson December 30, 2008
The act of getting a blumpkin whilst watching Lord of the Rings.
wow, that chick was such a slut that she gave me a smeagle
by Brian H November 06, 2004
The act of having unlubricated anal sex with a woman and then having her clean off the penis with her mouth.
Dude your sister smeagled me last night.
by addy123 July 10, 2008
The act of shoving a pen, floor hockey stick, or just anything with a pointy end up someones ass when they are bending down. This dirty act can be seen while witnessing a Harney Beating.
Hey Joeseph is bending over, smeagle him until he cries.
by W Tang May 12, 2006
A really ugly/unattractive person.
when you see a really ugly person you would speak in the tone that smeagle does and say the word smeagle.
You can just say I see a smeagle.
by Norshell February 07, 2005
Its a combination of a smut and an eagle, which makes a flying smut.
"Hey! That smeagle just flew over and sucked my cock, then left!"
by Jimmy "Bones" Johnsone January 17, 2008
A poor attempt at a hair transplant. Usually affecting 30 something men.
Haw smeagle have ye got any chuggie?
by Donald March 02, 2004
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