Acronym for "stroking my chin". Similar to smh except for white people.
Trey: What does that bitch think she's doing?
Brian: I have no idea, bra. Let's ponder that for a moment.
Trey: smc
by cbrian13 May 26, 2010
nerds. but not always! some students in SMCS are hot, pretty, athletic, not just nerds. Science Math computer science? more like smart, magnificent, cool, students!
ew SMCS kids are losers, yea not all of them though! theyre smart and funny and good looking
by jenny.parker567 June 15, 2010
to make the most stupid, idiotic, worst decision making and sayings, and usually with no common sense.
Booked a trip to London to see a girl I'm in love with and been holding out for her, spent a lot of money, and got there and she just wants to be friends! just did a SMC.
by catchthenandkillthem March 23, 2010
A real killer from the hood. Especially from Oakland or Tijuana. Usually can be seen kicking a gerg's ass. He most commonly has long hair and is chubby, but dont let his appearence fool you, these type of people are most commonly schizophrantic lunatics.
That nigga is one crazy S.M.C.
Damn that S.M.C. i fucked yesterday rode me tough!
by a real A.M.C. February 13, 2006
Suck My Chode

Jerry: Max told me to suck his chode beacuse he has a small peinis

Max: I have a small penis.
by MoneyinthisMofo August 15, 2011
an acronym for "shaking my computer screen" as in frustration of something stupid said online, or when your computer is being slow or just plain aggravating.
This freaking little kid wants to talk shit on facebook? Seriously.. of all places... SMCS!
by LieutenantFleurety January 02, 2011
Shaking My Cranium

the re created SMH typically used by geeks
damn you shoulda studied...SMC
by hoco lingo November 14, 2010
The prestigous Sunnymead Cup street hockey tournament.
We went 3-0 in the SMC yesterday
by TinosTheBoss June 20, 2010

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