hot, sexy, well put-together; usually used to refer to a person's general appearance
Damn girl you lookin smat today!
by chica January 12, 2005
adj: 1. Conniving with insincere actions geared towards higher economic or social status.
2. Socially paracitic.
3. One who purports to give up their own beliefs for personal gain.
Don't be so smat.
That art gallery is a smathouse.
by B Doyle August 13, 2006
see smitten.
a state of infatuation, usually referring to the past tense.
1. you smat me!
2. he's got her completely smat.
by Gems May 16, 2005
To grab with your ass cheeks.
Be careful or I'll smat your face
by Anonymous May 25, 2003
To squeeze between one's ass cheeks.
Smat it up!
by your mother June 01, 2003

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