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The Act of rubbing the sweat from your ass and then smacking someone in the face with the same hand.
John: Look out its a Smass attack!!!!
Joe: AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
by Popwar January 14, 2005
short form of writing smart ass.

*As the creators are currently pursuing their profession in their study fields ,their tend to write out in capital letters.
Girl:Am i a SMASS??

Boy:No,you are not a SMASS.
by Lex & Vince January 19, 2008
Some ass: A nice round booty
Girl's got smass!
by Holdngold June 28, 2015
Someone who smokes and hasn't taken a shower in months. "dude you smell like Smass" . In line at Walmart and the person in front of you smells like "smoke" and "ass".
Dude when was the last time you took a shower? because you smell like smass!
by woolite March 03, 2015
1. The Binefaust language's slang for the plural of smack (meaning Heroin).
2. A Heroin addict.
3. Someone who participates in the listening of makina rave (located in the north-east of England).
4. A chaw (or chav as some smasses like to call it).
1. Lol@dazs smass, eirt vhielll one smass! ( Binefaust for haha look at that smass, they are one hell of a baghead)
2. Oh my god, you should have actually seen the state of this Smass that was down the dole office!
3. Fuck's sake man I'm pure sick of all of this Smass rave people are blaring on their gay arse phones.
4. Hahahahahaha seen the state of that little Smass, fucking prick.
by Een King December 23, 2006
The new world word for the item normally called grass.
That smass is really green today!
by MAGIC October 10, 2005
Shortened form of smart ass.
Omg, you're such a smass!
by TheGreenPixie March 02, 2005

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