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A Super Smash Brothers or Super Smash Brothers Melee tournament.
Yo there's gonna be a smashfest at John's tonight.
by valoem February 07, 2005
a gathering where a group of people play Super Smash Bros., for fun and to train their skills.
Man, I kept getting my ass kicked at last week's smashfest.
#smash #fest #smash till down #std #super smash bros #melee #ssbm
by wisl March 22, 2009
When a huge group of people get together for one soul purpose. To have lots of sex! Basically an orgy.
Bob: Yeah dude. we went over to Cast's last night to have a Smashfest!
Sarah: I wish I would have known! I need a good fucking.
#smash #orgy #fuck #fucking #sex
by Raaalphie. June 25, 2009
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