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to have sex with and leave your partner immediately after you're done
BOY: ( Zips up pants ) " Aight, I'm finna bounce I'll get at you later "

GIRL: " That's It? You Jus Gon Smash Off On Me "
by mzhyphy20 September 05, 2007
For an action star to masturbate using two sledgehammers during a scene in a movie set in ancient Egypt.
Abram: "Damn, did you see the new directors cut of the Scorpion King?"

Layton: "What?"

Abram: "The deleted scenes, dude!"

Layton: "Oh yeah?"

Abram: "Yeah dude, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson totally did a smash off all over Michael Clarke Duncan!"
by WuShock April 20, 2010
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