To smear glitter on your ass and moon people in public.
I got wasted, took my daughters glitter and smarkled all of my friends
by Master Smarkler May 13, 2011
Top Definition
The glitter in one's eyes after setting sight on the persont that he or she likes.
I saw the smarkle in her eyes when he walked into the room.
by CeeKayShizzLeBambeezie May 07, 2008
when someone likes another person, and when someone says the name of whom they like, the person smiles and has a sparkle in their eye at the same time.
Ashli smarkled when i said Jon.
by Erin123 March 27, 2007
A smile that simply sparkles.
Oh, Brooke is so smart and funny, and I can't stop looking at her smarkle.
by From The Nunnery January 22, 2013
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