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a great girl who is really cute and fun to talk to. :)
ashli you're amazing.
by Jake Hagans April 16, 2010
a beautiful girl, funny, intelligent and sporty.

A great friend to have around, she cheers you up when your down and always but a smile on your face in the worst situations.

You will have to keep an eye on her since she is easily excited and can be very energetic at times but is loved no matter what mood shes in.

Great at helping, and keeping secrets even when people are begging to no.

She is just an absolute joy to have around :)
by sally.suee June 25, 2010
A beautiful girl that is friendly with everyone. She is athletic, smart, and loves hugs. Everyone wants to be her friend and most even more than that. She is very lighthearted and enjoys life. Everyone around her becomes happy and trusts her no matter what. She is random and is loved by all, and gets a lot of attention from guys.
Everyone loves Ashli.
by Knockout S. October 08, 2012
A great hoe friend! Who's always there to listen to you.... she's a great hoe!
you're great Ashli
by Jennifer Hess August 26, 2008