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Verb, sleeping my ass off. Parody of lmao. Most commonly used on away messages on Aim.
-Yo that party was dope as hell.

-What did u do after the party tho?

-What else, smao!!! Shute I was tired.
by MarkusG July 29, 2008
smile my ass off
"we need to come up with a more "trustworthy" acronym cause when i lmao i dont usually laugh my ass off... i have designed smao cause i always smile my ass off with you"

"Dude that chick is cute she had me smaoing (pronounced in conversation "smowing") all night long!
by CopenSomeGrizzly August 04, 2011
Screamin' my ass of
Annie : I just saw a rat !
Hannah : Zomg =|
Annie : I'm literally smao =O
by DisneyyyFreak June 30, 2009
Initials of "Smelling My Ass Off", used in internet chats only. A parody of lmao.
- "What are you doing"?
- "smao".
- "And how's that"?
- "Pretty stink".
by phlegmat March 21, 2005