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A point of alcoholic intoxication. A cross between being "smashed" and "hammered", usually the person hass trouble walking, talking, drinking more etc. etc.
Person 1: Let's get smammered tonight

Person 2: ...what?
by JoshUpCanme June 19, 2005
hammered + smashed

a word used when too intoxicated to speak clearly or decide which word would be better to describe the "level" you're on
"dood i'm so smammered!.. beer pog'n!"
by kkyyllee November 18, 2007
being "smashed" and "hammered". Extremely drunk. Unable to walk or speak properly.
"Dude! I was so fucking smammered last night."
by mommabear March 18, 2007
to plan to;or party so much and so hard that the best way to described how fucked up you want to/or are going to get,is to combine the words smashed and hammered together to form smammered
Dude I got smammered last night on cheap vodka and shit myself.
by Bill Leahy September 30, 2006
a term that refers to being completely fucked up, dont know where you are, and or high.
"i was completely smammered last weekend"

"lets go get smammered!"
by TheDaggerBitch October 04, 2011
To be totally drunk or high off your ass. Combination of "Smashed" and "Hammered". It covers all types of inebriation.

I MADE this word!
The last time I did those shots I got so smammered I was on top of the bar with my shirt off.
by Mandipants June 02, 2006
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