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One bad mother fucker!
Smalls will kick your nuts in!
by Jewbacca B. Wellington February 13, 2003
43 48
what 50 cents dick size is
50 dick hella small
876 221
The main character in "The Sandlot"
"You're killing me Smalls!"
by Scuba Steve July 17, 2003
226 51
Underwear. A colloquialism used primarily by northerners in the UK.
"Help me with the laundry would ya ,chuck."
"Aye, but I ain't touching yer smalls"
by veggity August 06, 2005
134 53
an eighth of marijuana. technically 3.5 grams.
A) i'm looking for a small, how much?
B) it'll be 30 (dollars)
by slak October 03, 2003
159 125
- A name you give to someone who has a major impact on you, will toke it up with you anytime of the day,and can cheer u up just by the smile on their face.
Sandlot, Robin and Batman, shaggy, and the original Smalls S.L.B VTG 09-10
by VTG Biggie April 15, 2010
66 34
Currency in terms of hundreds of dollars. "Five small" = $500. "Five large" = $5,000.
"How much did you win at the casino last night?"

"I won five small" ($500)
by dtothep April 12, 2011
39 22
comes from the main character in The Sandlot.
1. name used to describe someone who is rather oblivious or a beginner to the game of baseball.
2. nickname for lauren e because she is tiny, new to the game of softball, and also a great friend.
coach: "go to left field"
player: "where is that again?"
coach: "your killing me smalls!"
by biggz February 20, 2005
65 52