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A small little kid, usually blonde haired, who enjoys irritating others and in general considers himself an all around pro, when in actuality he is the exact opposite.
Small: WOW i am so pro at everything and i am better than you

Not Small: Small, stop being so irritating and thinking your so much better than everyone
by lednas June 21, 2010
refers to children.. small would refer to only one child.
I need to pick up my smalls from school at 3
by h20cat March 21, 2011
One bad mother fucker!
Smalls will kick your nuts in!
by Jewbacca B. Wellington February 13, 2003
High or intoxicated on a drug. Originated from the Steve Martin skit: "Let's Get Small"
Let's get small off this weed.
by Bryan Fox May 18, 2006
A small, called small as they are. Often ginger, definitly the smallest of the bunch and misciaevious in a stirring things up manner, this often being the way they express their sense of humour. Known as the sly one of a group of friends, despite this a small is a treasured part of any group. A munchkin type person
yh she's Small
by beatle212 February 28, 2011
Irish world describing something that is good or big. Used to describe a good thing.
"That was a small shit I had"

"We drank a small amount of beer"

"Jesus, she is small great"
by Eoin April 12, 2005
The act of being small amounts to being the same concept of someone calling another "gay". Not in the concept of the one being called gay, actually being a homosexual, but then being demoted to the same level as a flaming homosexual, from the persona of a straight pussy or cock loving man, or woman (*which doesn't go vice versa*) So that being said the word small comes across to a broad usage of someone being extremely lame, or doing something extremely lame.
Bales's mom allows him to do nothing, he's so fucking small.

J-Wat talks about so fucking gay, he says some gay shit sometimes on his facebook status, he reached an all time low of being small.

S-Kels thinks hes big, but when it comes down to it, him being small doesnt speak the half of his weak game.

My little brother got to this faggots head the other day at the crib, in which the faggot, him being 18 (*Nick*), said he would kick my brothers ass, him being 14, lol....Now thats SMALL.
by JerseyMikes May 15, 2010