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A term used in the Marine Corps that occurs when someone is usually in a lot of trouble. Sometimes, the person isn't even in much of a shit sandwich, but gets harshly corrected for a small mistake, usually in front of many others. Simply put, punishing someone.
Hey Lieutenant Smith, did you see Lieutenant Schmuckatelli getting his pee-pee slapped by the Captain? Yeah, he is constantly smacking pee-pees.

I swear, if I see one more Marine wearing the uniform improperly, I'm gonna start smacking pee-pees.
by rchristopherc July 24, 2008
v. A phrase made popular by Marine Staff Non Commissioned Officers meaning punishment is forthcoming for unsatisfactory behavior. Also known as having your dick slapped.
Fifth platoon is so jacked up that the only way to fix them is to bull rush them and begin smacking pee pees.
by Irondevil July 24, 2008

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