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One of the greatest action stars of all time. Arnold has been in movies since the 1970's, starting with his bodybuilding feature "Pumping Iron". He is a 7-time Mr. Olympia winner and his nicknames include, The King, Arnie, Champ, The Olympian, and The Austrian Oak.
Did you ever see Terminator 3?
No, was Arnold Schwarzenegger able to pull it off? He's getting old.
Hell yeah he was able to pull it off!!!
by rchristopherc April 01, 2008
As there are many acronyms in the Marine Corps, this is commonly known as the acronym said frequently by Marines that means "Big Dick Daddy From Cincinnati". It is most commonly used from a generation of Marines who got into the Corps in the mid-90's. This is said to have originated from a recon Marine who was a gunnery sergeant and then became an officer.
You don't address me like that! I'm the BDDFC!

I just went out and ran eighteen and a half miles; man I'm the BDDFC!

That ho pissed me off the other day, so I told her that I was the BDDFC and let her know she had better not forget it.
by rchristopherc March 30, 2008
A supplement to the BDDFC is the Cincinatti Bowtie which is the patented move frequently used on guttersluts that are pulled after a long night of drinking, dipping, and smoking. Typically used in combination with the Somalian Lawnmower.
Bro, last night I walked in on that BDDFC while he was giving that gutterslut a monstrous Cincinnati Bowtie. The BDDFC then slapped that ho and made her give him a Somalian Lawnmower.
by rchristopherc March 31, 2008
A term used in the Marine Corps that occurs when someone is usually in a lot of trouble. Sometimes, the person isn't even in much of a shit sandwich, but gets harshly corrected for a small mistake, usually in front of many others. Simply put, punishing someone.
Hey Lieutenant Smith, did you see Lieutenant Schmuckatelli getting his pee-pee slapped by the Captain? Yeah, he is constantly smacking pee-pees.

I swear, if I see one more Marine wearing the uniform improperly, I'm gonna start smacking pee-pees.
by rchristopherc July 24, 2008
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