A Smack Head is someone who is always off their head on drugs, they don't have a job and they get the money for the drugs from benefits, these people are known as Smack Heads
Person1: Honey, our money has come in from the benefits

They go and buy some crack cocaine

Smack Heads.
by SPICEMAN20002 January 09, 2015
A resident of Dublin, Ireland
- Awwwrite bud. Whas da stooory?

- Fuckin' jackeen smackhead in my face, that's the story.
by Siucra Ray October 11, 2006
A 'Smack Head' Is A Person Who Takes Alot Of Drugs And Usually Was Born In Deckham And Lives In A Smack Shed.
The Story Of A Smack Head
Mr 1.Weyy Ayee Did You See Those Smack Heads Going Into The Smack Shed??
Mr 2.Yess I Built It.... Duh !!
Mr 1.Oh...Are You A Smack Head?
Mr 2.Noo....(Inserting A Needle Into Mr 1's Arm)
Mr 2.Well Maybe... I Am XD
by Michael Johnstone March 20, 2008
Someone who is reliant on drugs.
"That Jim Reynolds is a right smackhead, y' twonk with right bad breath"
by Halo August 30, 2003
Stupid or dull witted. Prone to repeatedly making the same mistakes
Steve paid almost twice as much for the same phone as I did, the smack head
by shaunholio March 01, 2004
noun:a mofo
see mofo
Just gimmie the light
by slutmonkey October 17, 2002
someone who likes to brag about taking drugs...in other words a dickhead u would liek to smack.
charlotte hemingway
by dan December 14, 2003

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