To prove someone wrong, make a fool of someone, make the person look stupid.
Warhero6381 wrote:
Graphics are subjective, so they can't be better.

Permutated wrote:
Lol, you don't know sh*t about video games. Shut the f*ck up.

Warhero6381 wrote:
Really, that's why you probably didn't know that CoD4 runs at the lowest revolution on the 360?
Ahaha, shut up kid. I'll make you look dumber then you already do.

Urban Minor wrote:
SMACKDOWN!!!!!!!!!! he made you look stupid!

by Urban Minor August 18, 2008
Top Definition
1) A contraction of two words ("smack" and "down") popularized by WWE wrestler-turned-actor The Rock that refers to the inflicting of a beatdown of epic proportions upon "jabroni"s' "candyasses". Sometimes used in a bastardized form of Elizabethan English.

2) The name of the Thursday night WWE show on UPN created by Vince McMahon originally as a show of respect for his champion, The Rock, who commonly used the term. Now it is merely a place where stars' careers go to die.
1a) The Rock prepares to lay the smackdown on Triple H.
1b) Know your role and shut your mouth before I layeth the smacketh-down on ALL your candyasses!

2) Chris Benoit has left SmackDown! for RAW to finally earn some redemption for his career.
by SteelPhoenix March 09, 2004
n. Physical violence. A severe beating.
"Shove it before I lay the smack down on your ass.
by zx August 15, 2002
In other ways used as the phrase "laying down the law"....
You let that bitch leave you with the kids and went out drinkin...? You better be layin some smack down...
by john harrison January 15, 2004
Refers to any confrontation or fight (wheater it is physical or not).
The debate between the two politicians was a smackdown.
by Nick_S_G February 25, 2010
A WWE wrestling program that airs on UPN every Thursday nights. Features stars such as John Cena, Eddie Guererro, Rey Mysterio, JBL & The Undertaker. Many wrestling fans see this show as inferior to WWE's other show, Raw which airs on Spike TV every Monday night.
"It's time for Smackdown! Give me the fuckin' remote!"
by DJHill March 20, 2005
Smackdown is The Rock show or was until The Rock left to become an Actor.
Smackdown is the new WCW Tunder show.
by Fightinggato April 02, 2004
To shut someone up by making them look like a dumbass. Mainly, when a person believes’s they are right about a certain thing but, are in fact wrong. For example they believe a (i.e. Person made a certain song) but it fact it is a totally different person so they are proved wrong and humiliated in front of a crowd. It is normally proclaimed by one of the on lookers if they believe the diss is worthy of the recognition.
1. Person 1: "I dont care what you say, drinking everyday is better then smoking weed every day for your body."
Person 2: "Your a fucking moron you obviously believe everything D.A.R.E taught you!"
Crowd: "Ahahahahahahahahah"
Person 3: "Smack-down"
by [J.C] October 28, 2005
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