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One who thinks they know-it-all, but couldn't tell you their ass from their elbow.
Some smackass at poker last night was insisting that a three-of-a-kind beats a flush.

That smackass drives a Jeep, but tells everyone he owns a truck.
by wiseguy February 24, 2004
(v) to be extremely lazy, refraining from situations that involve energy such as physical activity and or body movement.
(n) one who refuses to do anything benificial with their time
Yo what are you doing man, you tryin to go to the Y?
Na man, i got shit to do. I gotta smackass from at least 12-4. Yeeeahhh
by getoffme January 18, 2005
-dip shit
-one who did a stupid thing, and now you all fucked
Jake!, you smack ass, you trying to get us caught or something??
by what now? April 15, 2003
A person who constantly annoys people either for the fun of it or he/she is just completely stupid knowing that he/she will obviously get in trouble with a painful punishment (Hitting, yelling, scolding, grounding, etc).
"Could you get that little Smack-Ass off of my lawn?", "Keep that Smack-Ass away from me!", "You Smack-Asses are going to get it now!"
by one of yo momma's boyfriends February 14, 2010
worse than wack--it's derogatory fer sher
however--there is an alternate meaning to be used ONLY when it's REALLLLLY good.
bad: that guy is a smack-ass ho for coming to your party and actin' up like that.
good: we played a smack-ass game of poker last night and my boyfriend walked with the pot!
by nell March 13, 2003
To grovel to one's superior with no regard to dignity or shame. One who performs the act of groveling.
Hey Bill, look at Bob. He's always in the boss' office smacking ass. He's too lazy to get that promotion.

Im talking to you, smack ass. Didn't I tell you to bring my coffee in here by 8:00 a.m.? It is now 8:10 and I don't see my cup on my desk.
by Vic Roberts November 23, 2007
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