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To masturbate. A synonym of spank it. "It" refers to the penis.
Brandon: "Dude, want to head over to Pat O'Briens and catch the Sox game?"
Mac: "Uh...maybe later. Your sister just put up a new Facebook album full of spring break bikini pics, and she's looking pretty damn good. I'm just gonna hang out here and smack it to that a few times."
Brandon: "What??? Oh no you didn't! The only smacking that's going to happen is me smacking you up!"
by Nicholas D March 08, 2009
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similar to fuck it, but without the swearing required. used to describe something you don't want to do, or something bad that has happened. origin; New Zealand Navy
Pers 1 "hey dude, want to come for a feed tomorrow?"
Pers 2 "um yeah, let mething about it. Smack It"

Pers 1 "hey the boss wants to see you"
Pers 2 "argh, Smack It!"
by Jo Pusser November 24, 2005
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