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Australian slang for the word "slut"
person1: hey look at this photo of Alex
person2: haha what a sluzza!
by Montana55 December 23, 2006
a disguisting/worthless slut that has nothing better to do than wear nasty supre clothes with oversize bape jumpers and those little hats with the spinny thing on the top from that shit store
"look at that sluzza over there sitting in the gutter giving that homeless 80 year old man a blow job, she is foul"
by cha-ching May 22, 2008
a cross between a slut and a muzza,
mainly cheap chicks that wear tights with oversized shirts and heels with no pants. Also long layered hair to their boobs and dyed either a fake black or peroxide blonde with hair extensions and disguisting cake faced make up.
"hey look at that sluzza and her gay muzza boys"
by i hate sluzzas November 02, 2009
sluzza is an easier way of saying slut. commonly used by bogans . its not necessarily a derogatory word unlike the word slut.
"how are ya mate?"
"good ya sluzza"
by jewdawgrube September 28, 2012
someone who basically sucks dick or fucks for something to do.
e.g jess harris is a sluzza
by PSEUDONYM LOLOLOL August 31, 2008
1. Someone who is a slut
2. The Australian way of saying slut
"Oh man, she was such a hectic sluzza." "Oi, did you just see that sluzza?"
by nodoubtmate April 25, 2013
An australian term created by maz and chante, synonymous with slut, but can also be used to refer to something/someone that/who is annoying, dumb, stupid etc.. Mainly used when you'd rather not use the term slut.

It is also given as a title someone in which there is a lack of knowledge in that person's name providing the person resembles the appearance of a slut.
Chante: Oh look it's Serrier's sluzza.

Can also be shortened to sluz and used in conjunction with other words as a casual friendly greating, normally through msn, myspace or text msg
Maz: Ya sluz.
Chante: Hi monkeytit.
"That chick is such a sluzza, look how short her skirt is!"
"I know right.."

"I can't believe you didn't reply my msg, you're such a sluzza"
by mazamataz May 30, 2009
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