Drunk muttering; inebreated speaking.
John sluttered to Jane as she held his head up from the toilet.
by Cris Sirc September 04, 2006
Top Definition
Extension of the word 'SLUT', usually defining the combination of the two words SLUT & GUTTER together.

This is the lowest and skankiest form of slut currently known.

(See also crack-hoe; sperm receptacle, tag-team-taker)
you skanky slutter. I am going to fuck you in the ass and you better beg for more from my buddies...etc
by Mik Mak August 15, 2005
A crocheted or knitted sweater that has lots of holes in it. Which is always fashionable but never warm.

Pronounced slut-ter.
"Whoa, that's a pretty slutter you are wearing!!"
-"I know, but I'm always so cold!"
by reapperofsouls December 10, 2013
intr. & tr.v. slut·tered, slut·ter·ing, slut·ters

To engage in promiscuous behavior.
Have you been sluttering around again?
by Radiance November 15, 2004
Someone who does the same couple of guys over and over again
Stacy's mom is such a slutter. She's slept with Stacy's teachers and principal several times!
by CuteCate September 13, 2014
Females who have sex with any male they meet.
Slutters are like pornstars Carmella Bing, Asa Akira, Tori Black, Lisa Ann.
by Pornsta2023 January 24, 2012
slut•ter |sla/tour|


1-a feminine, knitted, long-sleeved, one-piece garment typically with an extended torso, designed to act as a combination sweater, mini-skirt and bullseye for horny college males.

2-a legless container for promiscuous collegiate women worn in the fall, renowned for its easy on/ easy off access in the event of drunken throw-downs in the stacks

- etymology - derived from combining the olde English "slut" with the Celtic derived word for "sweater"
guy 1-"Hey, look that girl forgot to put pants on!"

guy 2-"Nope, that's just a slutter."

guy 1-"Well, that girl's bush is poking out the bottom of her slutter..."

by Zipzoom November 06, 2007

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