when you cum in your bitch, then eat that pussy out
dude last night i gave my girl a slurpy. she calls me the slurpy king.
by TOB fo eva December 08, 2004
Top Definition
gettin head. when a girl orally pleases you. it involves suckin and is messy if not done correctly, hints the name.
"hey girl, how bout servin me up a slurpy"
by Playboy November 11, 2003
An icey sugary substance that makes your head freeze and gives you headaches from the extreme food coloring.
Apu: "Welcome to Quik E Mart you buy Slurpy? i mean burrito? i mean... come to my 7 11 i buy you all free slurpies!!"
by Me December 27, 2003
Otherwise known as a "sloppy burpie." It's a modified version of the Crossfit exercise the "Burpie." This happens when your body reaches exhaustion during a Crossfit WOD and causes your Burpie form to lack.
"Dude, I was so tired during yesterday's WOD that my Burpies started looking like Slurpies."
by Bartles June 06, 2013
The act of going down on a girl while she takes a dump; akin to the blumpy, but for girls.
Spencer: "Dude are you taking a dump??"
Carmen: "Yea, it's gross too. Come give me a slurpy."
Spencer: "Okay."
by Graham W. September 01, 2007
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