uncircumcised penis. Slug is just slang.
Hey man my slug is better then your solider.
Girls dig the slug.
Slug pride world wide.
by sluggerson April 16, 2007
an uncircumcised penis.
Marty presented his dirty, cheesy slug to the willing lady.
by Anonymous April 17, 2003
A slutty girl thats also very ugly
Yo check out the slug that niggas with!
by B-town allstars March 04, 2006
Collq. term for penis.
"Jonesy whipped out his slug and all Hell broke loose"
by Reid Fleming August 25, 2003
a sexual act performed by perverted engineers in order to obtain office furniture from unwilling victims

see also emeril
"That means I get to slug that ultra-cool dude and steal the $1 million dollar chair"
by gatch February 27, 2003
1. Bullet
2. A white person
Put a slug in that slugs chest
by John March 10, 2005
dope ass emcee; learn the name and learn the music; part of the group Atmosphere
-What was that badass song you had on earlier?
-Oh that was "The Base and the Movement".
by MickeyChickey October 04, 2003

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