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The act of sneak attacking a random person/friend often in a bar setting, pulling your shirt over their face and pouring a beer in their mouth through the shirt. This often leads to poor decisions, mopping of bar floor, multiple purchases of white v-neck tees, and loss of dignity.
Jacquie recklessly beer monstered Julian at Nichols.

A groom was beermonstered by random girl, marriage almost ruined.
#beer #rude #chug #attack #sneak
by JMJQ November 07, 2010
Semi-Lingering Underaverage Guy. A guy that is lower than a JAG, and is well on to his way to becoming a peasant bottom feeder.
You are being such a SLUG.
#guy #brutal #underaverage #insult #peasant
by JMJQ November 07, 2010
A greater degree of the beer monster. (The act of sneaking up on fellow comrade, pulling shirt over their face and pouring a drink through the hsirt into their mouth). This time a full pitcher of beer/mixed drinks(pain killer) should be used, and agressively poured. The victim usually ends up soaking wet.
He was beast moded while sipping casually on drink.
#beast #beer #monster #sneak #chug
by JMJQ November 07, 2010
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