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The word to describe a penis that is flaccid and sticking to the balls in an unattractive manner. Usually occurs in hot humid weather.
Matt: Can I see your cock?

Adam: Na man it's hot, my dick is all slugly and shit.
by ikarumail February 04, 2009
0 7
a slut that is ugly

an easy girl but really nasty and you're like..wth
That chick is so easy but dam shes ugly...stupid slugly loser
by Joe Mammmaaaaaaa February 06, 2007
6 3
(adj.) -a slut who is fucking ugly and has the mind of a slug.
(noun.) ies- Sluts who are ugly and have minds as slow as slugs.
Rachel is such a slugly.
Wow , they're such sluglies.
by Chinet January 04, 2011
5 6
Used to describe a person who is slug-ugly.
Guy 1: DUDE! Have you seen that girl!?
Guy 2: Yeahh, I know, she's slugly isn't she..
by I P4P4MURF I July 25, 2010
3 4