The word to describe a penis that is flaccid and sticking to the balls in an unattractive manner. Usually occurs in hot humid weather.
Matt: Can I see your cock?

Adam: Na man it's hot, my dick is all slugly and shit.
by ikarumail February 04, 2009
Top Definition
a slut that is ugly

an easy girl but really nasty and you're like..wth
That chick is so easy but dam shes ugly...stupid slugly loser
by Joe Mammmaaaaaaa February 06, 2007
Usually referred to as slutty and ugly
Name given usually to a female who is ugly but gets around (sleeps with lots of people)
"Ey u seen tha bird Tay funcks?"
"Ye she's so slugly"
by Superhero124 May 31, 2015
(adj.) -a slut who is fucking ugly and has the mind of a slug.
(noun.) ies- Sluts who are ugly and have minds as slow as slugs.
Rachel is such a slugly.
Wow , they're such sluglies.
by Chinet January 04, 2011
Used to describe a person who is slug-ugly.
Guy 1: DUDE! Have you seen that girl!?
Guy 2: Yeahh, I know, she's slugly isn't she..
by I P4P4MURF I July 25, 2010
A 3/10 devoid of personality.
She is Slugly
by Edbleak June 07, 2016
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