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/slug nut/ n. an expression used to refer to oversized labia, particularly when they resemble the appearance of a penis.
That woman has a slug nut! How disgusting!
by Hal Jackson April 25, 2010
Getting cum all over your nut sack because you have a tiny baby dick but your balls are grotesquely over sized.
"I hear Timmy has a baby dick."
"But that guys balls are like the size of watermelons!"
"He must have the slimiest slug nuts around."

by MC Snuggle Nuts August 25, 2008
After dipping your balls in a creampie'd butthole, your nuts are covered in feces, lube, spit, and brown water.
After fina tryin dat shit @ home i dipped my nuts in my wifey, and her asshowwe din't wanna let go. but wen dem shits were fin da be released, not even salt could dry up deez slugnuts after they rocketed out of dat azzz fa sho. then i eeeked lung porridge onto her face... why...? cause dat shits funny to me.
by Hopeydfd February 12, 2008
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