To skip school, or ditch class
"I was going to sluff class today, but the security guard busted me on my way out of the school."
by Lo February 20, 2004
Top Definition
People in utah use this word...and it actually means to ditch
Hey lets sluff next period because we are COOL!!!..............
by yayman October 19, 2007
To skip school or any school-related activity, like school assembly.
I'm going to sluff 8th period.
by Josh December 25, 2004
Noun. The snow that is set into movement when snowboarding or skiing in steep terrain (above 40 degrees). Due to the often loose cohesion of the powders top layer, more snow can be accumulated by the already moving snow. If the slope is sufficiently steep for a a couple hundred meters, the sluff can get very fast. One turn on top of a steep face can cause a sluff that reaches avalanche-like proportions.

A relatively small sluff can knock a snowboarder/skier off his feet and take him for a fast and dangerous ride down to the end of the slope or over a cliff.

Sluff is one of the mayor difficulties in big mountain snowboarding/skiing, yet it also presents an interesting challenge and is very spectacular to watch. The techniques to deal with sluff while riding are called sluff management.
Jeremy set off a sluff that reminded the niagara falls for a second when it cascaded over the big cliff beneath him.
by George Forehand June 02, 2005
Used most commonly in the Western U.S., sluffing (probably derived from the word 'to slough') is synonymous with skipping class, cutting class, or ditching class.
Do you want to sluff third period with me?
I totally missed the test on Wednesday; I sluffed and went out to coffee instead.
by dashdotdot January 04, 2007
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