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Wanting some action (being "slutty"), in a subtle fashion.
Going up to a cutie at the bar and telling them without shame that you want them is NOT very slubtle- just slutty.
by Beth and Irvin December 15, 2007
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Subtly slutty.... just a meshing of those two words
Her brightly coloured bra showing through her white top was a little slubtle.

her oversized top kept slipping down her shoulder revealing her smooth skin and lack of brastrap.. very slubtle.
by Superslubtles May 09, 2011
Adjective. Used to describe those who are subtly slutty.
"Will this club be like the other clubs that are full of slutty, nasty girls?"
"Nah, man. These girls aren't as slutty... they're slubtle."
by themaddfrizzles September 23, 2013

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