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1. to slow down, chill out
2. derogatory expression towards obese individual(s)
1. "Hey man, slow your roll. We aight."
2. "That bitch with the five big macs and back titties needs to slow her roll."
by betch101 May 02, 2011
An impolite denial to a fat person by an uninterested party that is way out of their league. This applies to both male and female situations.
Fat guy: "Hey, we should go out some time..."
Hot Chick: "Whoa, slow your rolls, tubby...not interested."
by November6 August 16, 2009
Gaining control of a slipping molly or ecstacy roll
Bro, your your losing it, slow your roll!

Slow your roll man, find good vibes.
by faroutski September 10, 2011
Used twoard some one who moves relativly fast in relation to speach, movement, and generally life.
John never has a moment to stop and think.
John pushes and pushes blindedly to get what he wants.
John franticly thinks life is wasting away.
John needs to slow his rolls.
by JH January 24, 2005
An expression used in the bowling world to tell someone to sacrifice velocity to gain more control.
Hey Russ, slow your roll so you can get a strike!!!
by thekelson September 30, 2011
Back off, mind your own business, shut up, bug out, get lost, go away, zip your lip, hush up, put a sock in it
Slow your roll: I have a juicy bit of gossip to tell you.
by Hay Stack August 29, 2009
When a guy is having sex with a fat chick and she is on top, and her rolls go up and down
Hey baby! I think we should have sex and I wanna you to slow your roll
by rogue16 August 20, 2011