after a long night of rolling at the club, the next day consists of smoking bowl after bowl while watching zombie movies on netflix.
friend: "what are you doing today?"
you: "sloth mode all day"
friend: "fuck yeah i got 8 blunts!"
by doobiemaster420 April 15, 2011
The mode your computer enters when it's feed to much indigestible crap from the Internet.
Damn, my PC's in sloth mode! it must be choking on worms, spam and cookies.
by Enfomoco February 21, 2007
A mood people enter when their energy and motivation levels hit a low.
I was going to make an outbound sales call today, but I've entered Sloth Mode, so I'm just going to sit here and Google stuff...
by DrAwesome150 November 17, 2014

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