A word used to end a sentence or get the last word in a very obnoxious way.
Created by Dr. Saco
Mother: Son....I said clean you're room 30 minutes ago!

son: I will, quit nagging!

Mother: No i wont! Finish what your doing and go clean... And watch that language!

son: Slorp!!!
by Saco F November 02, 2008
Top Definition

from 'friends'
Chandler: Well, first of all, they’re not called “sneakers” anymore. Apparently, they’re called “kicks” or “skids” and I think I heard somebody say “slorps”.
by holb333333 August 19, 2008
It is the need to eat someone...:D
McK: I'm going to slorp you!
Sil: What's th-
McK: -NOM-
by SIlviar October 05, 2008
It is when someone wants to sleep with you.
Person 1: SLORP W/ ME.
Person 2: You're silly...

by Aivlis Pelvis October 14, 2008
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