Slorch is a conjoined adjective that comes from mixing the words Slut, Whore, and Bitch. It utilizes the specific parts "sl" from Slut, "or" from Whore, and "ch" from Bitch in that specific order. It is used to describe someone who exhibits all of those behaviors at once, acting easy to get, comfortable with sexual situations, and unable to stay logical.
Emily was such a slorch the other night!
by ketc August 01, 2009
Top Definition
Slut + Whore + Bitch = Slorch.
Look at that slorch, walkin around like she owns the place.
by 4 dimensional March 18, 2004
when there are to many names you would like to call someone but don't want to say them all...

Slorch = Slut Whore Bitch
hey that chick was such a Slorch

Hey your a slorch

Hey your mom is a slorch
by Matt Factor October 12, 2007
The princess of the skank kingdom. A cognate of the words SLut, whORe, and bitCH.
That SLORCH screwed another guy while in a 1 year relationship.
by The Secretary December 18, 2009
A demeaning slang term that combines slut, whore and bitch.
Joe's new girlfriend is a real slorch.
by Communist Dan November 17, 2004
a shortened version of slut whore bitch. can be used as an insult or as a term of endearment between girlfriends.
Oh my gosh! I can't believe she was all over that guy at that party. She is such a slorch!!


Hey slorch! Love ya!
by Stephieann April 25, 2007
slut, whore, and snitch combined
She called me a Slorch yesterday!
by Klassy words July 19, 2016
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