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1. A girl who gives repeated blow jobs to a number of guys in a row.
2. A vagina that's be used before your use.
Did you see that sloppers in action?
Oi, bitch, you feel like a sloppers.
by George Texon October 29, 2006
A type of blowjob(found largely in porn) where the giver is constantly choking, drooling and sucking loudly. The sound of it closely resembles a trip to the dentist with the suction wand.
Holy crap, Stacey was giving me such a slopper the other night I thought she was going to inhale the whole damn thing!
by sexinyourcity March 30, 2009
a girl who sucked your dick or sucked someones dick
a dirty slut who only sucks dick and nothing else no sex not nothing
by casey vaccrezza November 08, 2004
A racist term used for asians.
Damn, that slopper is driving fast!
by dave82 April 17, 2007