A shot in pool that you didn't mean to make because you were aiming for another ball or another pocket.
Its your turn, that was a slop shot.
by SizMcdiz January 25, 2006
Top Definition
Oral sex of the highest caliber; known to make one's knees shake.
"Man, I need some fucking slop"

"Cassie sucked my dick last week.

Did she have that slop?

Yeah, it was some slop."
by marleyrt October 17, 2015
a term used to describe someone who is in an extreme state of inebriation, usually due to excessive alcohol intake. Characteristics of slops include slurring of speech, spilling of alcohol, stumbling over feet, breaking things, falling and being inappropriate with strangers.
Reia was so slops she fell on her ass three times, and on her face twice.
by manfriend July 03, 2004
a mashing motion usually occurring between two vaginas most commonly referred to with lesbian sex.
"There's nothing better then two hot, wet, lesbian pussies slopping together"

The two girls slopped all night.
by letsSLOP September 21, 2011
An Australian term meaning to have sex with a girl immediately after someone else.
You screw her first, I'll take slops.
by John December 17, 2003
When playing pool, slops means you get another turn after you make a shot in that you had not intended too. Generally, if you make an obscure shot and do not call it you do not get another turn. If you do, then "slops" are allowed.
we don't play slops, it's my turn
by James Milber February 17, 2006
food from mcdonalds, wendys, taco bell, etc.
i'm doing a slop run. you guys want anything?
by dave December 04, 2003
1. A pathetic individual whose main purpose is to give you the sloppy second's of another person.

2. True fiend; angry when sober; and a nasty individual when intoxicated.

3. Travels in groups, and posses extreme lurking skills.
Tom: Im hungry

Tim: You should try some slops, maybe some groups

Wes: Maybe some filth?
by Leonardo Talmo February 08, 2010

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