Any act of clumsyness, sloppyness. Something undesirable
'Nnick: "I left my lights on dude!"
ME: "Slops"

NN: "You aren't talking about Roxanne are you? cuz Andy already hit that slops"

*someone drops the blunt* "damn yo that's big time slops"

ME: "I turned that trick down, I don't like slops"
by Edd1e August 13, 2006
The act of eating disgusting food when you are drunk.
Yo! I'm wasty-pantz dude! Lets go to fucking Taco Bell and slop!
by babymind January 24, 2013
Slop; adj; to badly select and crop and maybe paste in photoshop.
"Yo, dude, that slop sucks"

"You better brush up on your Photoshop skills, because man, that slop is whack."
by Spades Slick June 30, 2012
1) to be straight bumming
2) Wearing PJs all day long or something similar to pjs/bum attire and just lounging.
3) Usually Sunday
"Called in sick. Needed a slop day after all that partying last night"
by the great dancer April 24, 2012
Sometimes stolen, easy to sell goods that cannot be tracked easily. Often times, acquired from friends or relatives at Christmas and pawned off at earliest convenience.
*Dr Rockso holding bags of presents stolen from his friends at the door of a pawn shop* "How much Dr Rockso get for dis slop, huh?"
by Yawrood March 16, 2011
the flap on hobo mittens
I'm gonna put on my slops cause it's cold outside.
by mittens123 January 09, 2010
to get drunk with an alcoholic beverage
I was in the club slop like a mafucker and still got this hoe number
by G-love2deep April 13, 2009

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