1. A pathetic individual whose main purpose is to give you the sloppy second's of another person.

2. True fiend; angry when sober; and a nasty individual when intoxicated.

3. Travels in groups, and posses extreme lurking skills.
Tom: Im hungry

Tim: You should try some slops, maybe some groups

Wes: Maybe some filth?
by Leonardo Talmo February 08, 2010
a mashing motion usually occurring between two vaginas most commonly referred to with lesbian sex.
"There's nothing better then two hot, wet, lesbian pussies slopping together"

The two girls slopped all night.
by letsSLOP September 21, 2011
A term used to describe food served up in lunch bars, that is of a greasy & somewhat "sloppy" nature. Slops can be tasty or filthy, depending on the day.
Hey dude, are you keen for some slops? it's 12:30 already...
by Hux May 18, 2008
Short for Gus "Slops" Schlump.
This is your drunk alter ego or otherwise known as the name you give slutty women when you're out at a bar someplace.
Gus tends to drink himself into damn near comatose conditions....and doesn't care. However drunk he gets, he almost always can talk coherently. That doesn't mean he is nice. Folks often get pissed when you say words like "sorostitute" or utter the phrase FOAGK. But thats okay though because most times they deserve it.
"Man, shoe turned into Slops last night at the bar and asked a girl if he could pee in her butt."
> Oh god, shoe...
by ecaleohs May 17, 2008
A Stew like food that is cooked with no care or attention.
School dinners.
Dom served up slop at her dinner party.
by The Dux March 26, 2008
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