To go to your local gas station (preferably a kum n go) and purchase a slushee. A normal sloosh session involves a 22 oz. slushee. However, if you want to be a sloosh legend, go for the 52 oz. cup.
by rshieldsbabyfade April 18, 2011
n. A combination of a slut and a douche (noun usage of douche), usually a girl
Ugh! Brittanny is such a sloosh!
by Schmidy December 04, 2006
The small amount of alcohol left in the bottom of your drink that most likely has backwash and/or cigarette butts in it.
Dont drink that sloosh!
by Splakmaster May 01, 2009
i vagina with a fungus,usually green like the hulk has cuts or open sores and has a abnormally large bush,usually reaks like dead fish and is very loose
1. you have a vary nasty sloosh

2.your sloosh is disturbing me

by jesse caballero July 10, 2008
sloosh is what comes back out of a womans hatchet wound after applying douche
jenny's bearded clam just poured out some sloosh
by Snakerton Erbauch September 12, 2004
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