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1. The most expensive thing on the menu, ostentatiously ordered for its price alone, derived from the combination of the words "steak" and "lobster."
2. One who orders such a thing when taken out.
3. One who brings a date to a restaurant or lounge where such things are routinely ordered.
1. Man, that girl with the big ass fake titties over totally just ordered the slobster.
2. Man, that slobster hosed me. She ordered the filet mignon and a 50-year-old scotch then went to the bar with someone else.
3. Look at all the fugging slobsters in that sushi lounge.
by andersonvillain November 11, 2009
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Someone who is a sloppy kisser and has crabs.
You didn't tell me your roommate was a slobster girl.
by Jelly Belly Greg August 25, 2009
A derogatory term used to insult members of the street gang bloods. A cross between the terms slob and gangster.
"Ay cuzz, if a nigga callz u a 'Crab', call that foo a 'Slobster'!!
by 187 MOb Cripsta April 16, 2008
Dirty men that dont clean themselves or anything around them.
Man:Hey sexy. Wanna come back to my place!?!
Woman:Sure baby.
Man and woman goes back to his place and she sees dishes and clothes strode all over the house (A.k.A the dumpster)
by Brittany, Kelly, Samantha April 20, 2007

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