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Word thought to have been invented by British comedian Stephen Fry, in a comedy sketch parodising the British game show Countdown, where he used that word as the conundrum. The presenter of Countdown, the late Richard Whiteley, said that Sloblocks was his favourite swear word in an unaired promotion for Channel 4. It could be used as a substitute for 'bollocks'.
That's a load of sloblocks
by David Kuling October 31, 2005
An Anagram of the word bollocks.The word was first derived from a english student in english literature. Also the name of a punishment for a homeless person asking for spare change. The result of the punishment is the homeless person being beaten with a rolled up newspaper and throwing some KFC salt in their eyes.
In the term of anger:


or in the term of the punishment:

"I'm gonna release some sloblock on your arse, you filthy aids ridden hobo!"
by The Man with a Sack of Mince September 29, 2007
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