those tricks from delaware
by Anonymous October 27, 2003
a name us crip folk use to identify those cock sukin faggot ass bloods that aint got no face up in my hood cuz they pussy ass niggas and all lil cacy gangstas! AINT SHOT NOcODY and RUN FROM EVERYcODY!! Cs UP, Bs down!! C4Life!
~LiL Blue~ AKA *bluebandana* 312!
Fuck all those pussy ass slobs!
by LiL BLUE January 28, 2004
Crip's derrogatory term for a bklood
fuCC slobz Cuzz
by Snoopy January 27, 2003
a derogatory term used to refer to white people, refering to their translucency and foul smell
It's a fuckin blizzard with all these slobs out here.
by gravity5 March 19, 2006

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