The act of getting owned in an ironic manner, often accompanied by a hypocritical response to said ownage.

The definition stems from a basketball game that took place on March 22nd between the UCLA Bruins and basketball powerhouse Texas A&M Aggies. Trailing by two in the final seconds of the game, Aggie guard Donald Sloan recklessly drove into a lane filled with Bruin defenders. Sloan's complete refusal to pass the ball to open teammates led to a "shot" attempt which was blocked by multiple UCLA defenders. In the following moments, the ball was swooped up by UCLA guard Russell Westbrook and matriculated the length of the floor for a thunderous buzzer-beating dunk and 4 point victory.

Significantly, Westbrook's arguably classless dunk was preceeded a few weeks earlier by a similarly classless, last-second, off-the-backboard, alley-oop dunk against Baylor University by none other than Donald Sloan, giving the play a touch of irony. Westbrook's dunk was proceeded by a chorus of bitching and moaning about it's classlessness on by fans who had lauded the Sloan dunk weeks earlier. Hence, the hypocrisy element of getting "sloaned."
Fan 1: Pass the ball you selfish bastard!
Fan 2: Motherfuck. Donald got sloaned.
Fan 1: Westbrook is a such classless asshole. I'll sleep well knowing that aggieland is better than those left-coast pricks.
Fan 3: Moral Victory!
Fan 2: But isn't this kinda like the Sloan dunk against Baylor?
Fan 1: No, totally different.
Fan 2: Whoop!
by Sic'em March 25, 2008
Top Definition
the act of being owned by a 3rd party that takes no action when a 2nd party blatently violates your rights even though the 3rd party is usually required to intervene.

Particularly used in basketball when the referees do not call a blatently obvious foul after someone has been viciously hacked by the other team
DAMN, that mothafucka got knocked to fuck out! what?! the refs didnt say nothing?! Man, he got sloaned!

or, in an office setting:

DAMN, that mothafucka copied his ass on the copier again and distributed copies to everyone in the office! what?! the bosses didnt say nothing? Man, we got sloaned!
by Bajan from TexAgs March 24, 2008
To get owned by Sloan.
person 1: "Man, she azzied me for a WEEK just for saying 'damn'!"
by DRN August 29, 2006
To get owned by Sloan.
person 1: "Man, she azzied me for a WEEK just for saying 'damn'!"
by DRN September 02, 2006
You didn't just get owned, you didn't just get slayed, you just got sloaned like a little nig as motha fucka.
"Dude Dan, you just got fucking SLOANED off that hit dude!"
by Sir John C June 30, 2006
When your getting played by a girl. She tells you she likes you but has a promise ring and wont put out. Total mind fuck.

lets just be friends, bitch, mind fuck,
Guy 1: Have you banged her yet?
Guy 2: No but she told me she likes me last night
Guy 1: Dude, your getting sloaned HARD.
by I'm your dad April 22, 2011
The act of stealing someone else's spotlight. Turning the attention to oneself when the topic or subject is on someone else.
Man, that guy is in every photo...does he even know the bride and groom? He totally Sloaned their wedding!

Damn, who is the person that keeps posting comments on my picture? Look there is like 50 replies to this guy, I got Sloaned!
by Zoftig_Girl October 13, 2010
Mess up, ruin, waste, or to have thrown away. Derived from the natural creature residing in Douglas County.
Michael sloaned his painting and had to start over.
by Nerorowe January 11, 2013
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