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Meaning epic failure. Derived from the battlefield 2 player Slit-Knife-Cut// who was caught hacking and claimed to be in league making game hacks with a well known hacker, Ramzi.
Slit Knife Cut: I got about 1300 scripts, incrypted and ready for compilement.
Slit Knife Cut: I'm gonna be bringing out a new revolution of hacks.
by t-man33 January 13, 2008
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A fail Bf2 player having to use hacks to be good. He is just another fail player

k lol@slit

bl slit

slits a noob hacking fail player

kthxbai slit
by lolrex January 15, 2008
To speak bullshit to make others think you are a tough guy with a computer, when your really a fat douche with a computer.
Yes I do make hacks for a certain Enterprise.

I got laid when I was 12.

by Professor Spud January 20, 2008

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