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Sex act with a woman mounting a man in the cowgirl position, with his cock folded back against his belly while she glides her pussy back and forth along the exposed shaft.
She got on top of me and teased my cock with a prolongued slip and slide.
by nightvisitor August 02, 2008
Basketball move, seen on the and1 tapes.
He pulled a slip and slide then took it to da house sucka
by Mac Ditty November 23, 2003
To call a woman by a derogatory name such as cunt or whore, get a head start before she begins to chase you, pause long enough to ejaculate on the floor behind you, causing the bitch to slip and crack her head; often followed by a gang bang ritual
Man, she was all up in my grill, so I dished out a slip and slide and I haven't heard from her since.
by David Seville March 24, 2003
Basicaly a code word used around earjacking muthafucka's that refers to having intercourse.
1) While at work in his cube surrounded by earjacking co-workers Jamal was talking on the phone to Tanisha, the local hood rat/chickenheadabout their plans for the evening. Tanisha was telling him over the phone that she is feeling real hot and horny, alley cat throbbing and all. Jamal said biachI can't wait to get off work so we can do the slip-and-slide. Tanisha said niggaI can't wait to cum all over your magic stick.
by tee-k May 21, 2006
Sex act, after a man cums all over his and the girl's belly, the girl will belly slide like a penguin up down and around on the cum ice rink that is now the man's belly.
"I fucking love it when we slip and slide!"
by SnoWden September 18, 2015
When you start with two, you try three and it slides on in.
I totally rode a slip and slide on that bitch last night.
by Dive'n'Splash August 18, 2008
when you cum from her neck to her hips, and you make her get on top of you and slide around.
that chicks some freaky shit man, she let me do the slip and slide.
by Kishia February 26, 2008
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