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the art of sauntering (without grace however) stealthly yet still in a creepy manner, usually accompanied with a hood up and slitted eyes.
Slinking is generally followed by an intentional physical encounter with the opposite sex passed off as a mere accidental brush up.
One who slinks is often referred to as a "B-ton".
B-ton was totally slinking around the Caf today.
by keliseeee November 01, 2007
The word has multiple meanings and tends to be thrown around a lot. It can be used in the following context:
a. when a person is with another person
b. when somethings tends to swish awkwardly up and down
c. when someone is being sneaky
a. I heard she was slinking around with Garret the other day
b. My track spandex are slinking as usual
c. I saw some infants slinking around in the woods today
by santa anna April 30, 2008
The act of ejaculating into your own hand and throwing it at another person for sexual gratification.
Janice loves Steve slinking on her tits.

Dave slinked all over his girlfriends face
by Squirrel Lord 83 August 28, 2013
The process of hanging a woman with hooks on her vagina lips until the lips become long enough(or saggy enough) to be played with as if they were little boys testicles.
Holy shit, that guy is amazing at slinking!
by BigDaddyDingDong January 18, 2011
The act of wrapping your unerrected cock around a fat chicks neck.
I slinkied Remy the other day.
I was slinking Andrea last night.
by striker0001 May 29, 2009

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