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When a girl gives you a blowjob and you cum in her mouth. She spits the cum out into her hand and then proceeds to give you a handjob with it.
A: damn my girlfriend is a freak!
B: why, what did she do?
A: she starting giving me a bj and then turned it in to a slimy waldo!
by Throbo boy Jared April 27, 2006
A girl/guy gives you a BJ and you blow your load in her/his mouth and on their face and shout "Where is Slimy Waldo hiding?", she/he lathers your dick in the cum and wanks you off while saying "here he is" repeatedly.
Mike: Im almost there!
Nic: Here it comes...
Mike: Where the fuck is Slimy Waldo hiding?
Nic: Here he is!!!
Mike: mmmmmmmmmmmm
by MikeUK January 22, 2008
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