A couple consisting of a slut and a midget.
Here comes the slidge to get their bikes fixed again.
by coondox January 07, 2010
A woman who dresses like a slut, acts like a slut but is actually a really frigid prick tease and you'd have more chance of getting blood from a stone.
"I went to this club in Manchester called Jilly's rockworld. At first I thought it was amazing and full of really overtly sexual sluts. Turns out it's just full of damn slidges!"
by enigmacrypt April 14, 2009
1. noun, used most frequently to question/protest the distance one has traveled as a result of getting punched in the face in super smash brothers.

2. interjection, no meaning, based on above usage, but here used with no detectable prompting, and for no objective purpose.
1. -what the slidge?!?
2. jimmy: hey wanna eat dinner?
phil: slidge! skrang!
jimmy: what?
phil: huh? sorry.
by captainfalcon July 25, 2004

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