When you're laying in bed and you become hot and slip/kick your leg out from under the covers. i.e. slip + kick = slick
The A/C in my room broke so I was slicking all night.
by anonymous234987 May 19, 2011
Top Definition

The female version of fapping
geez,that was a nice shower...

why? were you slicking?
by ridgecrestian December 27, 2009
When a girl licks the juices off her fingers after masturbating.
I love slicking for my boyfriend.
by awesome-slicking June 28, 2013
to give head
Daisy: So what's the plan for tonight?
Samantha: Oh we're soo slicking those two guys we met today
Daisy: Oh yeahhhh!
by virginsexgoddess October 06, 2010
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