A slice of pizza
yo dawg, im pretty hungry, lets go to the pizza place, i could use a slice of cheese right about now.
by Stallion April 15, 2004
n. (abr.) homeslice; a good friend, buddy, pal
Yo! What's up, slice!?
by KFan II May 19, 2010
The new "burn". Used after an insult to rub it in burn victims face. Usually followed by a slicing motion of the hand.
Guy 1: "You're like an ugly love child of Garey Busy and Jocelyn Wildenstein"

Guy 2: "SLICE!"
by molever October 06, 2008
A pussy, cunt, or vagina.
Ramin was licking a tastey piece of college slice last night.
by Ramin F November 16, 2006
Saliva. Cooties. Germs. Spit.
Devin is drinking out of his cup of milk and sets it back down on the table. Emma walks by and picks up his cup of milk and takes a drink.

Devin: "AW! You can have it now!! Its got your slice on it!!!!"
by moosetraxpeanutcracker December 07, 2010
to take a long, smooth hit (preferably weed) from a bong/vape/etc
"yo i just took a huge slice"

"that was a ridiculous slice"
by toked prophet October 14, 2009
n. Short for homeslice, a variation of homeboy similar to homeskillet, homes, homefry, homesnack, homesizzle etc.
A familiar friend. A slice of home. A Pimp.
That's a sick bass riff, Slice. Did I teach you that?

That's cool Slice, if you get fucked up you can crash on my couch
by migzi April 14, 2008
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