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sexy pair of legs
damn, check out beyonce's slegs.

Check out them slegs on that bitch.
by JMFT July 29, 2008
A Northern Irish pronunciation of the word 'slag'; not meant in the promiscuous sense but in the context of 'to slag someone off'.
"Will you'se stop sleggin' him?"

"Awk, I'm only sleggin' ya!"

"She's lookin' a sleggin' wi' that new bapchap"
by robopußßy November 07, 2009
any non desirable material for example bodily fluids excrement or slimy goo type jazz.
i dont want none of your sleg on me!
by the steelinator June 03, 2009
A guy version of a girl slag.
'OMG, did you hear charilie got with 5 girls on saturday?!' 'He's such a sleg!'
OMG charile got with a girl in year 7, he's sucha sleg!
by lanasana March 30, 2011
Refers to one who stimulates their prostate with foreign objects for the purpose of jacking off. It can be used in numerous ways.
"I love slegging"
"I heard he likes to sleg"
"Fuck off, sleg"
"Go sleg yourself"
by 9280308280 August 17, 2013
Refers to abortion, miscarrages, and even the mess left after a child is born with afterbirth. It tends to have different meanings when used in different ways. On it's own however it can be used much like shit or crap would be used.
"Sleg you!" (You should have been aborted!)
"Slegger." (Baby killer)
"Aw, sleg!" (What a mess!)
by MSR December 12, 2005
Partly eaten portion of chips and mushy peas in a polystyrene tray. Normaly found on walls or in public phone boxes.
Possibly evidence of sudden alien abduction or govenment snatch squads.
Walking back from the pub I passed a sleg on a low garden wall.
by fish May 17, 2003
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